Sunday, July 5, 2009

Kambakkht Movie

I just saw the movie Kambakkht Ishq; and yeah I am still alive. My laptop is also working fine, though it wants to take some rest, but still. My nasal cavity is a bit affected by the crap I had to smell for the last two and half hours.

Star-casts like no other bollywood movie till date. With our local legend Akshay Kumar; the legendary Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richards and Brandon Routh did the shitty job of supporting actors. Kareena Kapoor looked no better than the old maid who works at my University here.

I would say watch this movie only if you are going to commit suicide the next day, because then your soul would be totally psyched up with the shittiness of these bollywood story-makers and would try to make the swiftiest possible exit from this planet.

What more should I say? You're being chased by a dozen gundas and when you cry for help, none other than Sylvester Stallone comes to rescue. It can happen only in Bollywood, I can bet that! The movie has a delicately crafted storyline which seems to be written by somebody greatly constipated while he was sitting on his potty chair. I bet you could write a better story for it, even without being constipated. About Akshay Kumar and hilarity of the movie, I can assure you that you would laugh more while seeing your own face in the mirror than seeing the movie.

The bottomline is contained in just two words - Smelly Crap!

P.S. This movie can give a headache even to a chatterbox like you.


keshav said...

Were you out of your mind??.... No sane person would ever dare such a misadventure...... You're lucky to see the daylight again!

Dhanya said...

Even the promos looked crap...

Shirshendu said...

gaane mast the...
'om mangalam mangalam,don wana luv...'

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