Wednesday, July 15, 2009


If you want to see the world in its full splendour,
If you have got big dreams that you're trying to render

If you are searching for that perfect platform,
That will make you victorious despite the storm

If you want that people should value your time
As you do it yourself, in a way that's sublime

If you want to see unlimited beauty as well as modernization,
With eyes wide open - overwhelmed with too many temptations

If you want to extract maximum out of your life,
Be it money, achievements or absence of strife

If you wanna enjoy your life in every possible way,
Then your answer lies just one word away

'London', that's the word that you've been waiting for
It's the place which you deserve for sure!

P.S. To end this poem, I'll steal a beautiful one-liner written by my friend Keshav - it says - 'Amongst the stars, over the skies...... Right there in London!!..... the beauty lies!'
P.S. London flushed my homesickness in one go! I am now suffering from London-sickness.


Goddy_Blogs said...

wat an ending!!!! didnt xpect it at all.... bt true in all dimensions !!!! gd1....

Aakanchha said...

I like it!!!
m nt so gud wid wrds as 2 xplain hw much....trusting u'd get my expression right..

Anuvrat Parashar said...

Excellent choice of words and rhyming .

TaGS said...

didnt like it that much....amateur poetry