Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Have u ever wondered that how lucky you are.

Of the millions stars and planets, the position of earth is such that life can be sustained. The temperature is just perfect so that water can exist on it in the liquid state. The axis of earth is tilted just perfectly so that we have summer,winter,autumn and spring. If it was either a degree more or less than the current 23.5 degrees then our earth would have been a home to tsunamis and hurricanes. The position of moon is just perfect to provide stability to the rotational motion of the earth. The earth has just the sufficient gravity to hold the atmosphere with it. Of the million species on earth , you have been chosen to be a human being : the most civilized mind on earth.

Your life on this earth is nothing less than a miracle.

We have no time to regret or suffer. Every time you feel down, just reflect upon these words and consider how lucky you are.

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