Friday, January 30, 2009

Yet another day...

11:30 pm. There are two guys. Ayush and Deb. They are roommates. And best friends too. And guess what? Tomorrow is Ayush's birthday! And to add icing on the cake, tomorrow is just half an hour away.

11.50 pm. Deb, busy in thinking what special can he do on Ayush's birthday is perplexed because he wanted to make it a bit special but he could find nothing. The midnight is approaching, with a slight hint of cold in the atmosphere and a tinge of excitement evolving on Ayush's face. Just 10 minutes to go for the big day, with the clock's seconds hand moving swiftly in the anticipation of the special day coming ahead, the environment seems festive.

Meanwhile, Ayush is receiving phone-calls from all his friends and well-wishers who were competing amongst themselves to be the first one to wish him 'Happy Birthday', in advance.

Deb is getting a bit nervous. His dilemma has not yet been solved. He hasn't bought anything special as a gift for Ayush, since Ayush already had everything he could think of. Still, he hoped to make the moment special, somehow.

11.58 am. Just two minutes to go. Searching his dust-laden shelves, Deb finally finds something that can give a special touch on the birthday of his best friend, Ayush. Deb gets his unused and dusty harmonica(mouthorgan) from his shelf and waits for the last 30 seconds to go. Ayush is busy on phone.

Just at the moment, the clock's second hand hits 12, Deb starts playing the 'Happy Birthday' tune on his harmonica. The dust inside the harmonica gets trapped in Deb's throat with the breath he takes in, but still it does not hinder his spirit.

Hearing the sound of the harmonica, Ayush, whose ears are still glued to his mobile, says, "Yaar, noise mat kar. Disturb ho rha hai!"

P.S. It's a true story.
P.S. No offences, please. It's just written to emphasize the way mobile phones have replaced true emotions and sincere feelings.


Ankit said...

Really sad on Deb's part, his true concern for Ayush went unnoticed. And contradicting you, as it is the MOBILE only by which other special ones far off from Ayush were able to wish him.

supriya said...

abe DEb ki to.............