Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Concurrent Diary

Quite a long break from my blog, it had been quite too long for me, I suppose. The month that passed brought many things in my life, plenty of surprises and good fortunes to see those who comprises the heart of India.

Three events simultaneously made the last one month kinda' overwhelming and amazing at the same time.

@ SPIC MACAY: Society for the Promotion of Indian Classical Music And Culture Amongst Youth, a society which preserves the essence of Indian music and renders its diversity amongst youth rocked the pavement of my alma mater in the last week of march. Maestros of world fame sparked their divine presence in midst of the students and the visitors from all around the capital. Started in 1977, by Dr.Kiran Seth - a professor of IIT Delhi, this organization now encompasses not only the whole nation but also various segments around the globe. Dr.Seth has been bestowed with a padmashree this year for his inexpressible contribution towards the promotion of Indian Classical Music across the different stratas of people. I had the privilege of seeing maestros like Ravi Shankar & Anoushka Shankar(Sitar), Ustad Zakir Hussain(Tabla), Pt.Hariprasad Chaurasia(Flute), Pt.Shiv Kumar Sharma(Santoor), Ustad Asad Ali Khan(Rudra Veena) and Rashid Khan(Vocals). Spell-binding, nothing less than mesmerizing, was their performance and their the nuances of sur and taal were crafted with perfection.

@ National Science Day - 28th Feb, 2009 - The birthday of C.V.Raman, this day had in itself a special guest for all of us. What name does it strike your head when you are asked with the question, "Who is the greatest Indian alive?" Yeah, people Dr. Kalam visited IIT Delhi and his 10 minutes long motivation talk ignited a bubble of enthusiasm amongst all the students as well as professors present there. He ended his talk with a beautiful two line poem as follows:

When you wish upon a star
It makes no difference who you are

which is perfectly true to his personality. His wisdom was far beyond all the people present there. He took a good class of our beloved professors and for the first time, we had fun seeing professors receiving a lecture on their end.

@ My Life - Going nearly smooth.
  • Studies - too much of backlog.
  • Novel - cover has been designed, got some mixed reaction. Nevertheless, I am happy.
  • Internship - Tickets booked, got the passport and visa to be done.
  • Guitar - Speed increased enormously. Learnt raga desh and malhar on my own.
  • Photography - Taken a backseat.
  • Writing - Is in the dikki - behind the backseat.
  • Movies - Delhi 6(3 stars), Billu(3 stars), Dev D(3.5 stars). Cindrella Man - 5 stars - worth watch!
  • Saw Rushdie's interview on youtube. He is GOD - in capitals. Click here to see.
P.S. I love you

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