Friday, May 14, 2010


It's a new day.
I get up and say.
'Today, I am gonna run!'
'For sure, it's gonna be fun.'

Somebody once told me that life's a race.
This is the only reality you've to face.
I agreed to it, thinking, 'How true?'
Run, that's what I am supposed to do.
Oh! it's gonna be fun.
This race called life, I'm gonna run!

I run and run until the day comes to an end.
I come back home, smashing my friends.
Accomplished, happy, but tired.
I drop to my bed. Bleary-eyed.
And fall into the trap of my dreams.
Where the race ain't over, that's what it seems.

It's another race there.
Tougher, if not equal, I swear!
Life's a race, how true?
That's the little secret I would tell you.

For years, the process continues.
Successes many, failures few.
I grow old, still racing.
Without any idea of what I have been chasing.
Years go by, my fate awaits.
It seems bad, as if I had missed something great.

The messenger of 'Death' appears.
I am dreadfully tired, full of tears.
For, my time has come.
I can't see what I have done.
And what, undone!

In a bass tone, he speaks to me.
As though a grave decree.
'I can't take you!' He commands.
'I'm done with my life. Why can't you?' I demand.
'Because you already died.'
'When?' I cried.
'The day you started running, out of your own choice.'

Suddenly, a memory flashes before my eyes.
'Weren't you the one who gave me that advice?'
'That life is a race.'
'That's the only reality what I've to face.'

'Ah! Yes, but you got it all wrong!'
'That was not even the part of my song'
Then he sang, 'Life is a grace.'
'That's the only reality, you've to face.'

My eyes open up, abruptly.
I find myself lying in dark, all lonely.
Someone pulls my head. And it's all light.
And I scream out loud, as if in fright.
A lady in white cuts the cord
That connected me to my God.
And I see, the only reality I could face
Is that life's a grace.

P.S. 'A life within a life can also be a death within a life.' This interesting thought made me compose the poem above. Hope you're able to appreciate it.


abhay said...

so very true!beautiful architchted ur idea in words.

Roopali Dutta said...

Dis is d actual scenario.....

vich is agn very beautifully crafted in ua writing.......

Keep d gud wrk goin....goin....n goin alwayzz :)