Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Another lonely night
Thunderous clouds just cried

Stars have gone to sleep
Shining besides mountain - so steep

I'm all alone
For someone, my own

Memories come flooding
Between the wrinkles - budding

The first time we ever met
It was. It wasn't love, yet

Those serene eyes rested on mine
I stood, as though I saw Divine

I began to say when you
Your finger on my lips - and dew

'Wait till midnight,' A whisper said
I smiled while you left

I waited. Days. Months. Years.
The wait doesn't get over, here

The whisper haunts my life
Betrays me every midnight

Old, withered and desolate
Of seeing those eyes again, I wait


Apoorv Jain said...

Wonderful!! Is it a recognised structure of writing poetry? Or it is ur imagination?

the shades of crayons... said...

attractively potrayed the concealed feelings /thoughts :)
loved it..
my fav fleck:
" The first time we ever met
It was. It wasn't love, yet"

the shades of crayons... said...


Mihir said...

I like the idea that you've conveyed, that love means waiting. (I hope I haven't misunderstood the line 'It wasn't love, yet' and read love into a situation where there's none.)

Buzz said...

Thanks friends.

@Apoorv - It's an experimentation. Now that I'm happy, I'm going to adopt it as my style.

@The Shades of Crayons: Tkanku hai pitaji! :P

@ Mihir - I'm glad that you liked it. I think you're one of the few who got the deeper meaning. Indeed it tells that it wasn't love when they first met, but as he waited for her, love fostered.

'Serendipity! It was. It wasn't love, yet'
'Love betrays me every midnight'

These two lines contain love and they try to bring light on the fact that love, which wasn't there initially, instead it was just an anticipation. But love developed with wait.

ashima said...

love and patience are the best buddies i guess...lovd ur wrk..:)

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