Saturday, November 6, 2010


Do you know what's the meaning of confusion? Here it is - my career options. What to choose, if you can suggest a clear answer to my perplexity, I would bow down to you.
  1. Full time entrepreneurship - Do I really want to go full time? Entrepreneurship can be started at any age, but taking up a desired job from the campus won't be possible later on.
  2. Job - Taking up a job - seems like a smart choice. It's always better to gain some experience of working in a big firm. But would I be doing justice to my venture? Would I be able to take out time for it? Now that I've started up, I can't take a step back. Confused!
  3. Full time writing - It's a secure job and one of the most enthralling one too. With already over 25,000 readers, I can pen down three novels every year and sustain myself financially quite comfortably. But again, I hate to be residing in my comfort zone. I want challenges! And what about the venture? It won't give me time to write. OMG!
  4. Full time photography - This is stepping out of my comfort zone. I know I've the knack and I've the passion to pursue it. And this is one of the most exciting things. But am I really ready to take it up as a career? Again, my venture!
  5. Studying further: I can study further. I can go pursue Physics in Glasgow University, I already have an offer for the same. I can apply for Creative Writing course in Cambridge. Or I can wait for my CAT score. But dude, am I ready to study further? Absolutely NO!
  6. Learn Music: I want to learn composition. I want to learn music. Can I quit everything and pursue it? No, I don't think that I would. Come on, I can do it at any point of my life.
  7. Or anything else - such as paragliding or bungee jumping? Hell no!
So the only option left is - doing everything at the same time and cracking my brains completely.

P.S. God help me, otherwise I'll come and kill you.


Aru said...

hmmm..pretty much like my state...just that the options are different...

Aru said... can go for a job in a then use it for the other options... :)
and while you are working you can still write..i mean you can give everything a little time..that will be kinda like 'in parts'..who knows might work..

Tanay said...

1) TWS has a great future.
2) Don't pick the job from the campus. Writing is always there to help you out if things don't work.
3) Whenever unable to get time to write, donate your stories to me. I'll do the writing part. I can't imagine stories, but can surely write :P
4) Further education... why do you need that. Don't muddle life so much.
5) Photography: Keep that as a permanent hobby.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, kudos to the great work you have already done. Impressive.

As for the confusion, campus placements are something to be experienced, its upto you to take them up later or not. And since they are quite in the offing for you, so you can rather concentrate on preparing for them and then decide about everything in the winter holidays. Who knows, this ones also change your life!! :)

Good luck!!
Its always good to see IITDians getting over the usual study-earn-die regime!

P.s. This advice is just derived from my personal choice.

Arjun Bhatia said...

One life...Take the road less taken...Why let brand Harsh Snehanshu fade to oblivion by taking up a job? You are talented enough to work for yourself. I look up to you, and I'm sure that there are thousands of more people like me whom you have inspired. A job might pay you better off but it will never give you the satisfaction that writing and your venture can provide. Carry on with writing n TWS. All the best!

Buzz said...

Thanks so much for your kind responses. My choices are pretty much clear, as of now, they being aligned with my long term goals. I'm going for a job - to grow myself professionally and would continue TWS at the same time. Full time entrepreneurship is my eventual goal but professional enrichment is my short-term goal.

Writing and photography would always remain a part of my public life, and music of my personal life.

Buzz said...

Well, Tanay and Arjun's forecaast seemed right. I'm going full time, guys. Will need your support. :)