Sunday, November 3, 2013

Strangers on the road

Yesterday, while I was walking on the road, a stranger walked up to me and said, 'hi.' I saw him, didn't recognize, presumed him to be a stalker, ignored and whisked off.

A little later, still on the road, a stranger came up and asked for directions. I directed him. He went his way, I went mine.

A hundred meters later, at the turn of the road, a stranger tapped on my shoulder and said, 'Can I have your number? Let's meet sometime.' I got so scared that I ran off.

At last, near the road leading to my house, I met a stranger who came, introduced himself and asked if we could talk to me for a minute. I felt better. The unfamiliarity was broken. We talked for fifteen minutes and later even went for a coffee.

Now read everything again, knowing that the road is facebook.


Abhra said...

Very well said. I can't agree more. There are people on my friend list, who are as good as strangers.

sumon said...

Nice story