Sunday, October 5, 2008

It's an Animal's World

4th October : It's animal's day, infact World Animal's Day. That's why I could see hundreds of dogs and cows smiling all around the city. Other than RJ's mimicing dogs and cats, there was no other thing I could hear in the capital.

I can't understand why these guys hold these kinds of days? They too know that they don't need to distribute blankets nor they need to build school for these animals then what the hell is the intention behind holding these days. Idle people who had no other jobs other than gaining respect from the society by doing some humanitarian work(sorry, 'Animalitarian' work) made this day.

C'mon, let us strain our brains a little about what can we extract from this day. This day, what can we do to make animal's life interesting. Let us analyze :
  • We can make sudoku puzzles for them to improve their mathematical abilities : Naa, they are too dumb for it.
  • How about creating websites to provide them free e-mail, chat and "Bark-ut"(dog's version for orkut) for social networking : Designing special keyboard for animals would be a mind-boggling task.
  • How about involving some parrots in a reality shows - singing competitions such as "Tota Title" or "Murga Recital" : Even if these are telecasted, a serious question is who will watch these programs...
  • How about making magazines like Playdog(an animal version of the Playboy) considering their physical needs : Naa, this will be economically not viable as there are very few earning dogs(studs like that Hutch wala kutta are very few in number).
  • Having an Olympics for the animals called "Animalyimpics": This seems a cool option, so go and start searching for sponsors for it. You are most probable to return empty handed.
Now hear what I have done to celebrate this auspicious day. I had two leg-pieces and one fish fry as lunch and dinner respectively. That's something to be proud of and even make my friends jealous(courtesy to the unpalatable food of hostel). My tummy protruding out of my shirt owes itself to the yummy animal protein as well as fat, which made my day fruitful today.

Ironically, in reality, it was I who really celebrated this so called red-lettered day called "World Animal's Day", because I am grateful to that chicken which tasted so yum and satiated my hunger completely for hours. I will remember its taste forever(this remembrance brings saliva into my mouth even now). People of PETA or or any other NGO related to animals must have done some social works or had seminars or even had nude models walking for them for this special day, but they could not counter the pleasure of the two leg pieces I had on this special day. I am excluding the pleasure of the people who had been with a nude model, as ofcourse that would have 'tasted' better. In fact, it is only me who really felt the importance of animals in my life. How plain and awful this life would have been if there were no chickens and fishes?

Organizations like PETA are doing their BEST to promote ethical treatment of animals by emphasizing that someone else's flesh is more lucrative than that of animal's flesh. Their campaign seems to have a great effect amongst the general population as people tend to be more unethical to animals to get to see more and more infinitesimally clad women. I wish, I were in US!...[:(]

Talking about this day, neither can we make this day an official holiday for animals because they really don't do anything, nor can we make this day off for the butchers and the slaughterers, as people would not turn their hunger for flesh down. So why not celebrate this day paying gratitude to the animals for the wonderful taste of their flesh and relishing them with all kinds of recipes. So the conclusion is World Animal's Day is nothing but a day to party with kababs and biryani ornamenting the dining hall. What else can we do? Hmmm? Almost nothing...Isn't it? Can this 'almost' provide us any ray of hope??

There are people amongst us for whom nearly every day is World Animal's Day, and what a pleasure, I also used to be amongst one of them, but from NOW on I choose to become a vegetarian as I love doing things which are challenging and different from what the rest of the world does!

P.S. It's sarcasm, if you have not got it.
P.S. Happy "World Animal's Day"
P.S. The NOW in the last paragraph came at just that moment of writing and I am going to stick to that.
P.S. It is not an article about vegetarianism, it is just an inspiration - "If you are not happy about something, you need to act NOW. Be the change you want to see in this world."


aman said...

though the para seemed to me as if it was contradicting your previous statements,,, but i liked some of the things pointed by you,, and do hope life becomes better for all and by that i mean that whatever be the best for those animals

Harsh said...

For those who could not get the article(courtesy to the genre 'Sarcasm'), let me point out its essence is "We hold these days, when people remember animals for a day atleast and NGO's become active to spread awareness. But, until and unless you take charge, then only can you realize the importance of this day. Despite eating non-veg on this particular day and having no sympathy for the animals initially, the narrator is very hurt by the things going on. So when he wants to do something for the animals on this day, he gets no option other than becoming vegetarian. And instantaneously, he takes the radical step of turning vegetarian from a hard-core non -vegetarian which indeed contributes towards the animals."

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