Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Why blogging?

This is a question I want to answer to all my friends.

Regarding blogging, my friends have three views(the most common ones!) :
  • Hey Harsh, is there anybody who reads your blog? Kyun time waste karta hai?
  • Hey man, this blogging thing is great, nice hobby yaar. But I am too lazy to write and make my own blog!
  • I can't understand why you people blog. I prefer writing stuffs in my personal diary. I don't want to make them public.
CASE 1 : If you regard blogging as a time-waste then buddy you are mistaken. You don't see the hidden aspect this blogging carry. You may not realize but if I elaborate, you will be shocked. On an average I learn five new words daily due to this blogging bug and what - this is an ongoing process for the last four months. So in the last quarter of year, I have learnt 600 words.

You may not realize where it is leading to? It is in short an ongoing preparation for GRE, TOEFL and CAT. After three years, I hope that I will know each and every word that would be asked in the Post-graduation aptitude tests. Besides, one learns presentation skills and writing is definitely one of the prerequisites in the compulsory soft skills for any career.

CASE 2 : If you are lazy to write, then it's fine. There is no problem at all. But suppose you were blind, and you wanted to realize how beautiful this world is? Nothing else than words could make you realize you about it. The joy of success, the taste of failure, the ecstasy of music, the beauty of nature when turned into words has the ability to make those moments immortal, their essence could be very well trapped into words. Plus it is always a fun to add spice to even the boring situation through your writings!

CASE 3 : Writing in any form is a great thing. It is good that people maintain a personal diary in these busy days. But if something beautiful is concealed from everyone, then how can its beauty be appreciated? If Vinci concealed his masterpiece 'Mona Lisa' from the world, then would its beauty be valued? I know not all of us can be Vinci, but atleast we can strive for!

This analysis never intends to push you towards blogging but it's simple point by point argumentation that blogging is not a waste of time.

Last month, I came across a book titled 'Of Course I love you' by Durjoy Dutta. Interestingly, that book was first published in his blog and then somebody read it and got very much touched. The father of that somebody owned a publishing house and he published it. Blogging is taking active writing nowadays. Celebrities also stay in touch with their fans and critics through their blogs, why should we lag behind?

Blogging is growing daily and it is going to take over the whole domain of active writing in the coming years!!!

P.S. There is a song in the movie Lakshya called 'Kitni Baatein'. It's beautiful.
P.S. A trick to disturb any stranger(elder) : domain oWhen you cross that person, greet him/her, "Namaste Uncle/Aunty". That person will waste the next fifteen minutes trying to decipher who you were?
P.S. If you want to know the link of the blog of any of your favorite celebrity then do ask me, I have got all their blog-links(if they have a blog!).

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