Friday, April 3, 2009

My Best Friend

As a whistling stream, he flows
Transcending all the barriers
Of language, countries and sorrows;
More than a zillion colours he wears
He is my best friend, oh dear!

With the sound of violins
And the melody of song
Breaking the silence
Of the sad world, he goes along
He is my best friend, oh my summer song!

Much like that friend whose mere presence
Makes our world a place worth
Livin' - of pleasure immense,
That's the kind of joy he brings to this Earth
He is my best friend, oh he's my mirth!

When you love someone, you forget the world
Whilst his love makes you forget even you
His presence makes the Devil within dulled
He asks nothing but love and is always true!
Music - he is my best friend, oh you few!

P.S. The
you in italics is for ego.
P.S. Just spent three hours with my guitar, and I realized how much I love it.

1 comment:

aman said...

Music,,, its such a sweet feeling to be with it and spend some with ur best friend, true yaar this poem conveys all ur feelings for it and the tranquil feeling which one could experience after reading this... Its my first love too by the way ;P