Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Bucket List

It is 5:15 am in India and 12:45 am here. One hour ago, I went to the kitchen to make soup. My mind was not quite thrilled with the day I had. Talking about today; I, Keshav and Rajiv travelled a lot, to the poshest area around the town, but at the end of the day I and Keshav realized that we didn't really enjoy the thing. Something seemed missing. That forced my mind into a philosophical mode. The mode which I generally avoid getting into. So, I was there in the kitchen and suddenly I asked Keshav, "What are the ten things that you want to do before you die?"

These kinds of questions are very uncommon nowadays. No-one has time to sit back and 'dream'. We generally keep ourselves occupied, with orkut, facebook or even by doing nothing, to prevent any serious thoughts enter our minds. But today, we crossed the limiting barrier of 'laziness to think' and each of us came up with our own Bucket List - a list of things which we want do/be before we die. What we came out with amazed both of us, the weird dreams and belief that we have already achieved them happened to blow our minds.

I am writing my dreams down here and I think I'll cross-check this list before I die(friends, do remind me if I forget!).

So ladies and gentleman, here is my bucket list:

1. Get my name published in a book and that book should make a mark in the world!
2. Win Bharat Ratna at the age of 40.
3. Compose Music for a bollywood movie - that too honorary - be the honorary music director for that movie.
4. Drive Bentley along the river Colorado, with my parents, sister and wife seated in it.
5. Publish a photo captured by me in the National Geographic Magazine.
6. Win a Nobel in Physics as well as Literature.
7. Take care of someone, love the same someone and marry to the same someone and make her feel that she is THE MOST special person on this planet.
8. Come to Scotland - Glasgow for my honeymoon and live in this same White House Apartments and read this 'post'.
9. Be the best short-story writer India ever had.
10. To have my best friends crying 'dil se' during my funeral i.e. to have my bunch of good friends remain my friend forever.

P.S. Nothing is impossible if you dare to dream. Give yourself some time to make one bucket list and be amazed to see what you really want!


aman said...

a phenomenal list of things... really felt nice to see a person dreaming about things so varied and things from so deep inside 'heart'!! See i'm not a future predictor but one thing that I know that 'YOU'.. probably just because its you, will definitely be reading and see all the dreams come true and cherish the day you wrote them down... :) All the best
That love part for parents, sis and that special one is best one

well wisher said...

Well that was a wonderful list of goals but i don't want to discourage u or something. but are you sure it is your to do list if it is then it is really great. i mean Nobel prize in physics and literature along with a Bharat Ratna and Honorary music director are very diverse fields and top positions in their respective fields and they require lot of work and concentration to achieve them. i don't want you to justify me just explain yourself. if they are your plans then start planning from now...

all the best..
your well wisher

Buzz said...

I am so happy to have a well-wisher in my life.

To your information, I have already started working on them, not now but about 4 years ago. Everything I wrote in the bucket list, I am in synergy with them.

1. Writing a book - in the assembly line.

2. Winning a Nobel in phy n literature - this is certainly a big dream but I know that I am capable enough to achieve it.

3. Regarding music director - this one is a secret. I have more than a dozen of my original tunes till date. Well, I don't want to step into this field professionally but a honorary one will surely serve my purpose.

And the rest of them, I have taken the first step and trudged a few steps which I do not need to testify.

I just want to say to you that if only you knew me well, you would not have a doubt in me achieving them. Just have faith in me and see the wonders of dreaming BIG.

Goddy_Blogs said...

ur DasVidaniya hints dat u need to be a jack of all trades and master of each of dem. So, gear up dude.... evry sec is imp.... u hav covrd all ur sides in a small 10 point package. a gr8 thng!!!! nd gr8er u making me think bout my own mpty bucket still!!!!

tusharika said...
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tusharika said...

...somewhere i learnt "if it is to be ,it is upto me"...n u did it,the very first of ur wishlist has seen the world..look bofore u leap,but once you leap let others admire all of it..