Sunday, December 6, 2009

Helloz fellows!

It's quite interesting to note that the word 'news' owes its etymological root not to any archaic language like latin or hebrew, but it was just an acronym for 'North, East, West, South'. Nowadays, the so-called news channels do everything like showing highlights of comedy shows or TV serials, rather than bringing in information from all the four directions.

Anyway, it's also quite intriguing to note that even common people like us have news - and that too can be classified into good news, bad news, weird news, shocking news, kickass news and freaking awesome news or freaking awful news. So here, I present some news from my side and I choose to classify them into just two categories - good and bad, since I'm freaking awful at classification.

Starting with the bad ones first :
  • I am suffering from typhoid from the last 8 days and still it's on. I was bored lying on the bed whole day with 104 fever so I am writing this, despite the fact that my head is about to burst.
  • This means that my plan of writing my next novel in this vacation has been evil-eyed. Though I keep thinking about the story-line and nuances in the plot all the time, but I don't have enough energy to sit and write. Hope I get well soon and do my job with utmost passion.
  • Well, that was all for the bad news. See, God is not that ruthless!

Now it's time for some good news :
  • Third print of my novel has almost sold and the fourth print is going to come soon with all the earlier typo-errors rectified. The big news associated with the fourth print is that it will carry a tag called 'A National Bestseller' on it.
  • Secondly, my semester, yes, the semester witnessed my best performance so far. I got an SGPA of 8.38 with an A grade in the Creative Writing course under the guidance of Prof. R.B.Nair, one of the leading contemporary poets of India. This has really been a confidence-booster since this was the busiest semester for me and still things worked out fine. All thanks to God.
  • What else, yeah the title of my next novel has been decided. It will be called 'The Book'. And you'll be astonished to notice how much I've matured as a writer in the last one year, after writing my first novel. Quoting few lines from my just-started seven-page manuscript -

    1. A book is a journey into another world.
    A world that is unknown, unpredictable and captivating.

    2. I’ll write for the rest of my life but I failed to write my own life.

P.S. To all the Delhites and the college-going people, please note - there is no word as 'anyways' in the english language, it's anyway. So better watch your tongue the next time you add your 'asS' after it. (


tusharika said...

Get well soon prolific evil eye can stop ur baby from its birth...u will surely do well...n not just it would remain a national best seller but international best seller!!!takc,let the good work grow each day...n congrats 4 doing well in ur academics as well.

Buzz said...

Thanks a lot for your wishes. My first novel is not of that standard to become an international best-seller, but surely my next novel will do so one day!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations !! as your book is a national bestseller now and get well soon.

Anonymous said...

get well sooooooooooooon

Buzz said...

Thanks. I guess well-wishers don't need to be anonymous.

yshfn said...

gt well soon...n ya congrats fr ur novel..."best seller" ehh?!!!

Pallavi said...

hey get well soon and congrats for ur results ..... and waiting for ur nxt novel... tc

buzzzzzzzzz... said...

wat man!!!al fan following,,huh??
n i havnt evn gt a copy yet.....

supriya said...

didn't know you are about to give birth......whose the father??

Buzz said...

You're the father! :P

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