Thursday, September 9, 2010

IIT Life

Ten Best things that I've done in my IIT life:
  1. Tasted all the grades - 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10; except the E and F grade, which touch-wood, I don't want to taste.

  2. Climbed the insti-top and got caught. The security officers were really tough-asses. Glad mine was tougher.

  3. Did a mini-project under the worst professor of the Physics Department, Tarey, name unchanged to make sure intentional libel. After surviving three failed nervous breakdowns, two unsuccessful murder attempts and one almost successful suicide attempt in the process, he gave me an A grade. Sweet guy. Glad, I survived.

  4. Fell in love. Fell out of it. Fell in love. Fell out of it. And the process continues ... unfortunately, with the same girl.

  5. Wrote a book. Yes, being in IIT without even a book written by you - seems too sad and boring. That little fame, jealous peers and big money - who doesn't want that?

  6. Made some real good friends. Fought with them. Befriended them. Kicked their asses. Let them kick mine, making sure I hit them twice as hard as possible.

  7. Blogged. Yes, that's the best hobby ever. You would never ever get bored. Even if no-one reads your blog, you can always find that irritating little sucker called YOU who goes and reads some of your juvenile crappy bullshit, smiling in self-admiration.

  8. Explored hostel LAN - completely. Yes, I've watched all the good movies, fast-forwarded; all the bad movies - at the normal pace. Yes, I'm a bad guy.

  9. VIDESH YATRA. IIT-life without a hefty dose of firangs during summer looks quite incomplete. I went to Glasgow, UK, lived in a royal suite, traveled whole UK and earned my first money 1000 pounds, and invested them all in fun and more fun.

  10. Cracked PJs. Not the poor ones, but the pathetic ones. Some of them being so bad that the persons hearing it felt a sudden shock wave up through their bodies until their head sprang up like the-center-shock guy and their legs shot in revenge at my cute little chubby ass. If you stood there in that serious condescending face of yours just because you didn't crack PJs, don't feel proud. You missed a HELL lot of fun.

Ten things that I'm yet to do in my IIT Life:
  1. Get drunk.
  2. Get drunk.
  3. Get drunk.
  4. Get drunk.
  5. Get drunk. Now that I'm done, I think I'm done. Good night.
P.S. If the numbers seem wrong, don't mind. You're probably drunk too.


Giribala said...

Interesting :-)

the shades of crayons... said...

ahaan! i like i like i like! :)
sweet post harsh!
n yeah about ur P.S :
chalo RPM
chalo RPM
chalo RPM
lets get drunk
lets get drunk! :P:P

Buzz said...

I was intoxicated when I wrote it. No RPM. :D

supriya said...