Saturday, September 4, 2010


When night sky is dark,
Lull prevails, stark.
Dreamers see the light,
Invigorating. Ah, what a sight!

Inspired, he saw that sight.
Determined, to give a tough fight.
Lonely but not alone,
His ultimate fate lay unknown.

He was ready to fight the odds
Smash the hurdles and win the Gods.
The place was far, where he urged to go.
A stormy sea, awaiting conquer, he knew

Fully prepared, he began
A tireless journey, thus spanned
The waves lashed against his chest
He rowed and rowed, without rest

The sea seemed dark and endless
His spirit, however, soared amidst distress
Sea showed no mercy, ghastly waves rose up
He kept trying until the sea gave up

The sea lost
The dreamer won.
For he ran for his dreams, when
Others didn’t know for what to run.

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