Friday, August 27, 2010

Change is good

With time, there have been some changes in me. Hope these changes are good.
  1. I've stopped reading novels based on 'love' by very young Indian authors. Being one amongst them, I know that the writings about love at my age are shallow and insipid.
  2. I've developed a good reading habit. I finish two books in one week's time.
  3. I've stopped reading new blogs. Just because most of the posts of unknown blogs are too verbose and irritating. I like short posts more, or else, it should be a rivetting story or an overwhelmingly brilliant satire.
  4. I write in classes. Thanks to the back-benches for that.
  5. I have developed an aversion to idle people.
  6. I am clear about what I want. But the execution seems slow.
  7. I have become more patient, at the same time, indifferent and detached to most of the things around me.
  8. I have developed an inherent hatred to those who can't express themselves in writing or speaking, since I believe nothing conveys ideas and thoughts better than good communication. Hatred is wrong, but I can't help but hate.
Well, that's all. I tried to be honest, but as a human, I might have sub-consciously tried to hide my flaws. To be frank, they aren't many that you'll find. ;)

Change is good, after all.

P.S. I am feverish. And I want to get drunk.


the shades of crayons... said...

hmmm...a little genuine blog!
got goosebumps when read the 6th point...something inside my stomach lurched and my nerves transferred a signal to my brain that "dude! wake up! what r u upto?? :O:O "
anyway i stopped that hyper actvity inside my stomach by eating besan k laddu :P:P

do u really know what u want to do???? how did u cum out wid one desicion amid plethora of choices??? d question is as genuine as ur blog !

Buzz said...

Thanks for your comment.

I know I want to be associated in the creative domain, because that's what my passion is, that's what I love to do. Well, that pretty much answers your question.

supriya said...


Anonymous said...

well..the 8th point..i dnt think u should "hate" people who cant express themselves through writing or speaking..there are other ways of expressing ideas...its not necessary that u have to speak it out...its just that you have to understand what the individual is trying to express and through what medium(speaking,writing etc etc)..just that you need to have patience for that..and i think..according to your 7th point you can manage that.. :)
well i may be wrong..but that was my view...thought i ll share it..
btw nice blog.:) changes are good!!

SUGANDHA said...

Alright can I be honest? Please? Forget it, I will be.

This smelled of a little over confidence and hatefulness arising from the same. But it was honest and that's worth an applause.

Buzz said...

Thanks all for your honest comments. I am sorry if anything seemed offensive. I was in a real bitter mood when I wrote that. Anyhow, nice to find some people who could share some of the thoughts that I wrote.

Change is not always good.

P.S. One does not need to be anonymous for giving honest comments.