Wednesday, August 4, 2010

On Ideas

Earlier I was really insecure about sharing my ideas. I felt that someone will steal it and start working on it.

However with time, I got matured and things have become clear to me. Two of the important things are listed below:

Association: The best thing about your idea is the association that you build with it. A new person, can copy your idea but would never be able to put the passion that you'll be having for it. The idea gestates in your mind and when it's your child you know it better than anyone else on this world. This ensures that no-one, other than you, can really pursue your idea to the fullest. Innovations can be brought by others on your idea, but the sacred bond one should have to the idea remains with the person in whose mind it occurred at the very first place.

Sharing: With time, another thing that has happened to me is that I've become more keen on sharing. Now instead of holding all the ideas that I get to myself, I like to find an interested person and ask him/her to pursue it. Because every idea has a time, and since currently I am working on one idea, I would not be able to pursue many. So, it's always good to find interested persons who are capable enough to rear my child - brainchild, to be precise. And I love to guide them.

I feel blessed to have experienced four different kind of ideas in a really grand way viz. business ideas, story ideas, photography ideas and design ideas. And with time, I hope to experience thousand more kinds.

P.S. Ideas are intoxicating and non-toxic. It's the best addiction one can have. And certainly, they can change your life.
P.S. After reading this, I feel that I am going towards writing non-fiction. A welcome change.

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aritri said...

well signore , i aint a blogger in strict sense but happen to stop by and take a note of the" finer aspects that LIFE MORE OFTEN than not has to offer" with some amount of finesse of course .. so just then i happened to STOP by your blog too..:)
iDeAs can be deceiving so can it be INTOXICATING.. considering less defiantly the fact that speculating and drawing a "critical analysis"indisputably ruptures the essence with which it had been written and thereby can raise several but not one of a kind conflicts giving dimensional perspectives to even the simplest ideas and thus making way for us to know that perhaps we werent in need of or in search of such ideas which create such variations in human minds but again appreciate it for some reason which maybe inexplicably explained again giving another perspective [perhaps]..