Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On Movies

Though am not a movie buff, but some movies have made an impact in my life.

I want to enlist some of my favorites. I ain't too critical about movies, I treat movies just like I treat books. Either it establishes a connection or it does not. The breathtaking ones are those which go beyond establishing connection, and they touch your life, your thinking and in rare cases, your heart. Here is the list of the movies of the latter kind:
  • Shawshank Redemption - The story of hope
  • October Sky - The story of passion
  • The Man from Earth - The story of history
  • Cindrella Man, Into the Wild - The story of life
  • Stranger than Fiction - The story of writing
  • Goodwill Hunting - The story of gift
  • Veer Zaara, The Notebook, Titanic, An Indecent Proposal - The stories of love
  • 3 idiots - The story of students
  • Baghban - The story of parents
  • Little Manhattan - The story of kids, 'in love'
  • Few Good Men - The story of judgment
  • Speed I, Rambo - Action
  • Arranged - The story of marriage
  • Rang De Basanti - The story of justice
P.S. The list will be updated with time.

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Anonymous said...

The Motorcycle Diaries: The Story behind Revolution

V for Venetta: The Story of Revolution