Thursday, July 22, 2010

A hell of an update

Well well well. Here's my blog that had been untouched since almost a month. I had been missing it.

The sheer joy of blogging is that you write not because you've to write, but because you want to write. You've nothing special to write about and still when you sit in front of 'create post' on, you've your heart and mind in synergy letting you speak in a language that's fluent and coherent. Suddenly, you realize you've so much to relate and so much to share. I am home since the last weekend. To enumerate the development:

  • I visited Bodh Gaya, the place where Buddha got enlightened, on car with my family as I was so desperate to travel. It was a serene place, though there were not many things to see, but still, it was a good time to spend away from work and other real-life pressures, and with my parents, sister and my dear camera. Thankfully, I got some real nice clicks there.
  • On way, I finished a book called 'Go Kiss the World' by Subroto Bagchi. It's a marvelous book by an entrepreneur turned author and it emphasized on his life journey and how his life conspired to let him reach his ambitions, with values and integrity intact. I've ordered another book by Bagchi titled 'The High Performance Entrepreneur'. I would read it on my way back to Delhi.
  • As I reached home, internet dwindled. Without internet for four days, I had to skip my work, but it gave me time to read and write a lot. Day before yesterday, I wrote 3000 words in a day and felt really accomplished.
  • Yesterday, I got my old guitar fixed and its sounding really sweet after all that renovation. I want to jam so badly, but hardly anyone seems to give me company here. Let us see.
  • On Tuesday, I started ace cyclist Lance Armstrong autobiography - It's not about the bike - and it's a riveting read. It's not about the bike, it's about life. And death.
  • I went on a photographic expedition with my friend Debanjan. We carried our SLRs across the residential colonies and everyone seemed to give us a what-the-hell-are-they-doing kind of stare.
  • Today I had a day out with my school friends. It was fun. Watched the movie Udaan, which was nothing but a slow-and-tiresome piece, however Ronit Roy was really impressive in his role; after which we had wholesome lunch and some doses of air hockey.
  • What more? Two days left, internet fixed up - I think work would take my days. In between I'll write my sequel.
  • I'm done for the time being, I wanna lie down and finish Armstrong's book; as of now, only two chapters are left and I left it at the critical stage where he was to go for the Tour de France.
Well, that more or less counts as a blog update. I love to see me back.

P.S. Try this thing out - listen to the song - 'Hey there, Delilah' by Plain White T's with your eyes closed. You'll realize that every word in that song carries emotion that's unconditional.

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Amanjot Kaur said...

Amazing Song! Had heard it earlier but now whenever I give it a listen, I'm always reminded of your words and it gives totally a new feel to the song now! Love it! :) Kudos! :)