Monday, July 26, 2010

The Little Bird

Piercing the snowy clouds,
Fluttering with scintillating passion
They travelled.
My feet, fixed on the ground, envied.
I wanted to be with them,
Flying, with my wings wide open.
Touching the sky, kissing the mountains
Breathing the earth, bathing in the rains

Carefree, as they were
They vanished in no time.
Dejected and lonely, I strolled ahead.
Wishing to be a bird, all the while
I wanted to ask God
Why had he been so unfair?
Endowing us, humans, with all the things
How could he forget to give us wings?

Absorbed, I went away
Carefree, you might say
For, I hit a rock - pretty hard
I toppled and fell on the way
While head banged on the road,
My mind swung amongst the stars
I couldn't care anymore.
With God, I was at war.
"God - the unfair, uncaring being
You're so mean", I thought.
I opened my bleary-eyes, distraught.

My eyes saw a poor sight.
There lay a little bird -
Mute, weak and hapless
As if waiting, for an eternal flight
She stared at me, blinking
Blank, as if life had reached its end
Taking her in my palms, I soared
I looked at her and in a go,
I threw her towards the sky
To see her wings, flap with joy.

But, the flight didn't occur
Her wings didn't flutter
Fearful, she came back into my hands
Frightened, she stared once again
I asked her, "What's wrong?"
She said, "Come with me. I'm scared."
I laughed and said, "I've got no wings."
"Wings aren't necessary." She replied.
I didn't want to argue,
So I laughed at her ignorance.

She turned morose,
Jumped on the ground,
Walked towards a cage
And locked herself inside.
Astonished, I questioned,
"Why? Why don't you fly?"
She echoed my words.
"Why don't you break the cage?" I asked.
The echoes follow.

Puzzled, I mumbled.
"I've no wings."
She said, "Wings aren't needed."
"Then what is needed?" I wondered.
"The will to break free." She said.
Stunned, I said nothing.
A surge of gratitude for the Almighty,
Came in a fling.

The little bird broke her cage
And carried me towards the sky
"Sky is where I belong,"
She said in my voice and vanished.
Mystified, I kept flying with no wings.
A little flutter inside my heart
Kept me alive and gave my first flight.
"Sky is where I belong" I screamed with joy.
The echoes follow, this time from inside my heart.

I open my eyes and sway my vision.
An isolated road is beheld.
I turn and look into the vast sky.
Piercing the snowy clouds,
Fluttering with scintillating passion
They travelled. But this time,
My feet, fixed on the ground, reveled.

P.S. There is a little bird inside each of us. Never ever dare to cage it. Because sky is where we belong.


Aakanchha said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!
Harsh you r TOO GOOD dear!
U leav me with no othr option!

The message u wanna convey from dis one is brought out thru such a simple and sweet story! big thots no cmplex examples its jus so straight-frwrd!
I simply love this piece!

yshfn said...

thank u.

yshfn said...

btw..which bird ws it??...sparrow???

Rishika Sinha said...

Its so mesmerizing! Very inspiring and meaningful!