Friday, June 18, 2010

Hi friends,

This post is about my venture,

Being a creative guy, I failed to succumb to the technical jargons that IIT had to offer to me, and I decided to take the uncommon path - the entrepreneurial path. My start-up is an online-networking-cum-merchandising venture, which will be focussed around one-liners fabricated by the aam-aadmi.

We've openings for young and dynamic people who would be interested in working full-time or part-time with us. If you're interested, read the careers section below.

About us: is a networking-cum-merchandising website intended to tap surges of creativity in common people by creating a network of people who are good with words(especially one-liners), providing them a customizable-space to record and host their 'witcraft' and giving them an opportunity to get incentives for the same by merchandising. We believe that quotes are for those who don't have a say for themselves. And if you've the wit, you're equipped, to fabricate your own quotes.

With us, you can get your facebook status messages and tweets recorded, hosted and reach a larger audience with your signature attached to it. We are here to host your quotes in the masses. If your quote gets popular, we would bring out a product featuring your quote and give you royalty from the sales. Just be with us and see how your little creativity can fetch you a lot!

At, you’ll find people obsessed with the word called ‘communication’. We’re all about communication - communicating through written words, communicating visually through designs and communicating verbally. Not that we do it because we love sharing our thoughts and ideas, but rather because we love to get to know the thoughts and ideas of the other side – your side. We love enthusiastic people, who know how to take fun from the work that they do for us and make work fun for the people around. After all, how boring is this life without an exclamation mark!

Our work focuses on marketing strategies to target youth(especially college students), graphic designing to cater to the gen-x needs, supply chain analytics, web-development and maintenance, product development, plagiarism-check algorithms and inventing smart financial and publicity schemes.

If communication is your passion and you’ve the guts to imagine out-of-the-box communication solutions, you’re born to be a wit-maker! We, being passionate wit-makers ourselves, are the most active users as well as staunch critics of our services and we think we understand what we need and how to get it. Despite being a start-up, we promise a handsome remuneration if you’re ready to show your mettle, plus a lot of enriching work experience for you to carry for your lifetime.

See our current openings:

Marketing Team:
1. College Student Ambassadors
• Host our brand in your college and market our products(tees) there.
• Help us organize slogan and design competition in your college.

Qualifications Required:
• A college-level significant position of responsibility would be great!

2. Business Outreach Executives
• Pitching a plethora of colleges and companies.
• Convincing people, conveying what we are all about and what do we offer!

3. Marketing Lead –
• Talking to your team members
• Coordinating their job, assigning them targets and deadlines.
• Devising astute marketing strategies to reach out to the maximum crowd.

Qualifications Required:
• A significant position of responsibility in the cultural or technical fest of your college.
• Previous work experience in any start-up or NGOs would be an icing on the cake!

Design Team:
1. Graphic Designer
• Poster designing for events and competitions that we organize.
• Information brochure design.
• Visiting cards design

2. Textile Designer
• Designing of T-shirts
• Creating characters, mascots and logos for assignments.

Pre-requisite: One should be proficient with Photoshop and Corel Draw.

Web-development Team
Responsibilities –
• Giving an aesthetic feel to the website.
• Working on Drupal modules.

Pre-requisites: Should be fully aware about the CMS Drupal. Must have some work experience in the same.

Prerequisites for each of the above openings:
(a) Enthusiasm (b) Enthusiasm, and (c) Enthusiasm.

No matter what college are you in, no matter what place you reside currently, if you've the passion and the required skill-set, we have a position for you.

Question yourself:
1.Do you want to work with determined creative entrepreneurs?
2. Do you think you're capable enough to contribute in any of these domains?
3. Are you enthusiastic enough to be a wit-maker?

If yes, mail us your resumes and a 'statement of purpose' at, our team'll get back to you immediately.

P.S. Follow our facebook page - to remain informed -

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