Sunday, June 13, 2010

When Silence Speaks

Indeed, it was a lovely day
Thousands of thoughts lay scattered
Only one of them could I choose to say

Choice was tough, all the way
The tougher was the choice -
Whether to say or not to say

By my side, you were there
Silent, as if waiting for me to say,
Your eyes assuring me that you care.

Silence. That's all what I said.
That moment, words seemed immaterial,
Since every page of my soul had been read.

My eyes rested on yours, blankly I stared
Amidst blatant heartbeats,
Bare silence, we shared.

You smiled. You sighed.
With clouds as my companion,
I blinked. And we cried.

With you and me, the clouds wept.
Our silence finally spoke up, and
A silent eternal promise was kept.

P.S. Silence is the language of heart. Words contaminate the purity of feelings. This thought made me compose this poem.

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