Sunday, June 6, 2010


One day,
An urn of sunlight will shower the ground, soiled with darkness, with its bright seeds of light.

That day,
The shadow of darkness will be buried into the wells of ignorance.
The beaming light will sublimate every corpuscle of iniquity into ether.
The urge of knowledge will paint our hapless minds with the colors of rainbow.
The diligent action will take precedence over the shallow promises.
The destination-less wandering mind will find its savior in the word called 'purpose'.
The wild stallion within us will chase the horizon just to catch a glimpse of that supernatural shine.

That day,
This nescient mind of ours will find the real knowledge...
The listless soul of ours will cross across the dark edge...

Just be ready, all the time;
For the day is near
And it can come any day, anytime

Since, on that one day, my friend!
Everything will be anew, everything will be clear
And every 'thing' will end.

P.S. Inspired from Tagore's 'Where the mind is without fear'.

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