Friday, February 24, 2012

11 things:

Things that I want to do in the next 1 year (things that are in my hand):
  1. Make 5 short films (starting in March, 2012)
  2. Hitchhike across India (first six months)
  3. Publish 4 books (all across the year)
  4. Learn Urdu - (during my travel)
  5. Spend a month in the gurukul parampara with Indian Classical musicians (during summer, courtesy SPIC MACAY)
  6. Get initiated into Kriya Yoga (once I come back to Delhi)
  7. Read 30 contemporary English/Hindi classics (during my travel)
  8. Write 100 songs in Hindi/Urdu (all across the year)
  9. Learn Python, a computer programming language (once I'm done with my trip)
  10. Make a classy FB application, design the UI myself (once I learn Python)
  11. Deliver 30 speeches, in Toastmasters, Oration and other invited arenas. (all across the year)


swati88 said...

I Find you so much organized & planned. Alot lyk Raghav i guess(pardon me if i got the name wrong), from When life tricked me & love kicked me by Vikrant Khanna. Good going, i hope you complete each thing you planned! All the best

saifi shahid said...

So till now how many of this have you completed....