Friday, October 16, 2009

My Life Plan

I just now got a brief idea of how I want my life to be.

The reason for this is the sudden flood in the readers' response about my novel through mails and scraps and asking me to write a sequel to my book. I had no plans for a sequel to it, because it ended at a point where all my college-life stories were finished. I had plans of writing a serious novel about AIDS lately, with its plot being completely final, but the overwhelming readers response is meandering my way. I just realized that life does not really go according to what one has planned. Still, it provokes me to sketch a plan for my life so that I can really find how destiny comes in between.

My so-called Life-Plan :
  • Write a book every year - throughout my life - I want to be known as the most versatile author of India. I started with the genre of romantic humour and I intend to touch upon many more genres like thriller, suspense, mystery, fantasy and philosophical. Writing is such a thing that will stick to my life forever, just because I love it.
  • Study more - up till 2013/15 - I don't want to get into a job after under-graduation. Frankly speaking, I don't like working for someone else's passion. The thing should be of direct benefit to me, in some way or another, then only this 'self-centered and self-obsessed' jerk would do something outstanding. So, I want to study until I find a topic which arouses my curiosity to such an extent that it becomes my passion.
  • Teach - later in my life(late 30s) - Teaching is the only line which attracts me. I find that there are very few teachers who are cool. No, I am not intending that I am cool or anything of that sort. But, I am intending that I can make a student interested in the subject that I teach, because I am a story-teller and I will teach everything through stories. I will make the classes so interesting with anecdotes, instances and stories that the students will be mesmerized.
  • Study music - (mid 30s) - I have a deep heartfelt desire to study music. Both Indian Classical and Western. I want to be a virtuoso in music and only proper knowledge can help me achieve that level.
  • To be very rich - (up till late 20s) - Yes, much like every other dreamer of the confident-world, I want to be rich. But, the reason behind it is very childish. I want to have just one car, just one house and even just one wife, so why do I want to be too rich? It's because I want to have my one house to be my own museum. I want to collect musical instruments - all kinds from all the worlds and that is a thing that only a 'rich and opulent' man could afford!
  • To be an ascetic - (in my late 50s) - I had made this strange promise to myself that once I acquire everything I desire and enjoy its fruits for quite sometime, I will renounce everything and will seek my salvage in the nature. I am born as a writer, I want to die as a poet.
That's the life plan, I don't know what more I want, or what more this life wants to give me. People say just wait and watch, but I say wait and make it happen. Let us see what happens in this journey, the journey called life...

P.S. I am philosophical by nature and I am glad that the readers of my novel didn't get even a hint of this part of my character. Versatility in any creative front requires the ability to hide one's true-self in his work.


velll said...

don't u think u should give back something to the world? because even though we think ourselves as individuals, we are in fact a collective species, evolving through time.. and its every sane capable individual's duty to help in that process..?
do u?

Buzz said...

My next post on this blog will be the answer to your question.

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