Wednesday, December 1, 2010

On Failure

Ha! I experienced failure. It's hard, you know. The effort it takes to overcome the urge to break down, to cry out loud, to droop down and to surrender to the circumstances is immeasurable. The day for which you'd been preparing for months comes and passes by, slapping hard on your cheek saying that you didn't deserve it. Who likes it? You? Me? None of us. I know it's hard. It's harder to be hard in this situation. You can't let your loose side be visible to someone else. Ha! Nobody likes to be seen in tears.

The sun has set, it's pretty dark outside. It's cold. And it's biting. Biting hard. Life is so unfair. You never know when it can turn its back at your face. And trust me, its back looks yuck! It's smelly, dirty and detestable. At the bottom of your heart, you feel like slamming it really hard. Hard - I mean real hard. Things aren't easy, you know. Especially when you've thought so much about it and even thought so much after it ... it seems like a blank wall. They tell you the game isn't over. There are plenty of other opportunities in the coming days. They are silly. They don't know the game that you were preparing for is over. Over. And it's never gonna come back. Sad, isn't it?

I don't know why but I'm feeling a bit like a rider. The destination where I was planning to stop wasn't right, I think. Thankfully, my horse knows where it has to go. And, it's on the right track just because there is someone more intelligent than me who's directing it(read God). It's time to get to know my horse well. Synergy, as it's called, lies here.


Prateek Raj said...

Hi Harsh!

It must have been tough for you, specially more when you have so passionately pursued it. But I believe you're giving it a wrong word. Failure. We fail only when we give up on ourselves. When we compromise for something that we are not. That's the only time when we fail. Otherwise every result is just an experience. Some are sweet, unexpectedly sweet, and some are bitter, nauseatingly bitter. But there are no failures. What you see as a failure is just a bitter experience. It is a great opportunity actually, if you look at is a teacher. Some teachers are really difficult but they teach us a lot! :)

You have done many great things, and I have seen the lists of people who got selected. Some are fantastic, but some are just 'another brick'. All that I can say is that I feel sorry for McK and Parthenon, that they are still stuck in the ratty loop.

Sometimes life's train just crashes, without even caring to alarm us. But believe me those are the moments that really define how strong and how sane we are. If you can still smile, half your battle is already won! :)

Vikas Prajapati said...

Alfred: Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.
Bruce: You still haven't given up on me?
Alfred: Never.

Sugandha said...

You are loved by many. And that makes you a successful human being, more important than anything else. In this age of ill-will, there are people happy to see you happy, and worried when you're unhappy. Come on, failures should bring out an even more inspiring Harsh out of you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Galat baat hai.. Himmat mat haro...
I know it hurts when you put your effort on something and it doesn't turn out well..
Keep trying.
You are kinda my inspiration when it comes to take a larger step towards life.
Can't see you losing your hope like this.
There must be something better waiting for you. Run for it.
take care!
Your Sissy

Anonymous said...

Dude, You can't do It.

Anonymous said...

Dude, You can't do It.
Siddhartha Kumar

supriya said...

you know yesterday my eyes were wet because i couldn't bear to see you they are wet again out of happiness at seeing so many people holding out their hands to you even though you just stumbled a little....i don't think you are ever going to fall with so many ready to hold you:)

Buzz said...

Thanks for all your support and concern. I'm fine now. And sometimes, it's necessary to vent out our anger, so don't take my writing as my being depressed. It was just an emotional recount of my state last night.

The good news is I'm placed now, in a venture called Witcraft Marketing Pvt. Ltd., also called TWS. They have offered me the position of Director, which I gleefully accepted. So cheers! :)

Ronita Syam said...

Congrats bhaiya!!! :)

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