Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Road Less Travelled

The sad fact of life is that when you want to trudge into a road less travelled, people don't show faith in you. Rather than appreciating you for going into something out-of-the-league, they try to bring you back to the traditional path. It irritates you.

They can't see what you are seeing. You just have to silently work and nod against all their advices and suggestions, letting them know that they're so right and you've been foolish in your ambitions. The moment of joy comes when someone unexpected comes to you and says your decision is right.

Well, very few people understand passion. Don't expect them to understand. Don't try to make them understand. Just say yes to all their advices and follow what you want. Ultimately, when you will emerge out successful, they would have known that it's not too bad doing something out of the league.

@My friends at IIT: I prepared for consulting just because I dreamt of being in McKinsey. Now that I didn't make it, I've no interest in going into any other consulting firm as a compromise. I've other options available. Hope you understand.

Thanks for reading. Wish me luck in the comments if you appreciate my choice to become a full-time entrepreneur rather than taking up a job.


Prateek said...
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Prateek said...

Aha! Something that motivates me too against the wills of people around me. Best of luck Harsh. May you establish yourself as a successful entrepreneur. :)

aman said...

You already took the big step by not sitting for any other company. Believe me it takes a lot of courage to do that when you know that you could have easily made into any other company if not McKinsey.

And as far as future is concerned, one can feel the enthusiasm in your voice and your work so much that, it doesn't leave anyone in doubt that you are going to make it ... BIG !!!

Chill maar and khoob saari cheeze seekh ke aa Mumbai se...

Vikas Prajapati said...

All the Best, Harsh! Your decision to pick the challenge, and not the compromise is admirable. That courage, that passion motivates me to chase my dreams too. You are an inspiration! :)